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Replacing missing teeth is necessary: 


            to eliminate unsightly gaps in the smile.


            to provide comfortable chewing and an adequate start to healthy digestion.


            to prevent excessive wearing down of remaining teeth.


            to stabilize the bite, minimizing the risk of TMJ (jaw joint) problems. 


Removing a tooth or teeth can be compared to removing one or more main bricks from a brick wall. The wall will may not fall down right away. But, what should have lasted a lifetime will collapse and need repair or replacement after just a few years. The longer one waits the more repair will be necessary and eventually may not be possible.


All of the teeth support each other. When a tooth is missing the teeth around it begin to drift into the space. The back teeth tip forward, the front teeth tip back, the upper teeth move down and the lower teeth move up.


Any concern for an increased risk of gum disease and decay on these teeth can be overcome by adjustments to flossing and brushing. However, as time goes by, the loss of one or more teeth and the resulting drifting can lead to problems with the TMJ (the joint that supports the jaw). The jaw does not just move up and down, it moves side to side as well. As the teeth drift they get in the way of these movements and normal, healthy jaw function is disrupted.


The longer the condition is allowed to deteriorate the more difficult and expensive the treatment can become. The point may be reached where the situation can only be improved but some discomfort and decreased function will linger. The most efficient treatment is preventing it in the first place. 


Not replacing the missing teeth doesn't guarantee trouble but replacing them can reduce the risk of the pain and difficulties associated with TMJ (jaw joint) problems. This is not a treatment to eliminate a condition you have now, it is to prevent what could develop.


Missing teeth can be replaced using fixed bridges supported by the adjacent teeth, replacement teeth supported by implants and dentures.


At your convenience, let’s meet and discuss replacing your missing teeth.