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A bridge is a secure, comfortable way to replace a missing tooth or teeth Unlike a removable denture, a bridge is cemented in place and can feel just like your natural teeth. The replacements for the missing teeth are attached to the adjacent teeth (the teeth on either side of the toothless space) by being attached to restorations placed on these teeth. Most commonly a bridge will involve crowns on the supporting teeth. Inlays made of gold, other metals, porcelain or resin can be used in some cases.


Dental implants make fixed bridges possible where removable dentures were once the only option. There are cases where the tooth or teeth on either side of the space are also missing. The adjacent teeth may be too far apart or inadequate for a strong bridge to be made. You may not want otherwise healthy teeth to be restored in order to have a bridge made. Using dental implants to support the bridge, a secure and comfortable way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth is still possible. The need for removable complete and partial dentures can be eliminated.


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