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A mouthguard is an essential part of your equipment for just about every sport. 


Dental injuries are the most common facial injury in sports, especially during practices.The loss of a single tooth can be costly and cause teeth and jaw problems that will last a lifetime. A custom-made mouthguard will reduce the incidence of jaw fracture, protect the soft tissue of your mouth, and lessen the chances of breaking your front teeth by about 90%.


There are different types of mouthguards to chose from.


Ready to wear and boil & bite mouthguards

Some mouthguards are available “ready to wear” or for fitting by “boiling and biting”. 

Ready to wear mouth guards are inexpensive but often impair speech or breathing and may be difficult to wear, as the athlete must bite down on the mouthguard to hold it in place. Boil & bite mouthguards, though better formed than stock mouthguards, are often bulky and don’t fit particularly well, causing problems with speech and breathing. Because of the discomfort many athletes remove their mouthguards once the play has stopped. It is not unheard of for injury and damage to then occur as they are leaving the ice, field, court, etc. or while the athlete is on the sidelines waiting to participate. Custom-made mouthguards offer comfort that makes this unnecessary.


Custom-made mouthguards

We are able to provide custom-made mouthguards that provide better protection, more comfort and interfere less with speaking and breathing, helping to ensure protection against injuries to the jaw joint, jaw fractures, concussions, and damage to the teeth, lips, tongue, cheek or gums. These superior mouthguards ensure that the athlete’s speech and breathing are not impaired. A custom-made mouth guard will protect the jaw joint and prevent concussions by acting as a cushion for the lower jaw. When used together with a helmet and facemask, a custom-made mouthguard will greatly reduce injuries to the head and neck.

A custom-made mouthguard is an important part of your equipment for all sports. The cost is relatively inexpensive, particularly when compared to the cost of other essential protective sports equipment and the cost of treating dental injuries that could have been avoided. 


At your convenience, call today and arrange to protect your teeth, or the teeth of someone you care about, with a custom-made mouth guard.