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The day of the extraction:


Continue biting, with pressure, on the packing that has been placed in your mouth. Do not open and close even when talking. The packing can be removed after two hours, unless instructed otherwise. (It is normal to have some bleeding continue after the packing is removed. If you feel it is necessary, pack the area with a folded facial tissue or tea bag for an additional two hours).


Take it easy, no vigorous activity.


Do not have anything hot to eat or drink. Eat or drink whatever you like, however, if it is something you would normally have hot let it cool down to room temperature.


No smoking. No alcohol. 


If pain medication has been prescribed take it as directed. If no pain medication has been prescribed you may take whatever you ordinarily take for a headache. In no circumstances should you take more medication than indicated in the directions accompanying the medication.


If antibiotics have been prescribed they are to be taken as directed until all of the pills are gone.


The day(s) following the extraction(s):


Rinse your mouth with hot salt water. Do this a minimum of three to five times a day (morning, night and after meals). If the area is very sore rinse every half hour.


Take pain medication if required.


If antibiotics have been prescribed continue taking them as directed.


Instructions for hot salt rinses: Stir a teaspoon of salt into a glass of tap water that is as hot as you can stand without burning yourself (it does not have to be an exact measurement). Rinse very vigorously with some of the hot salt water until it cools off, spit it out and repeat until you have rinsed for a full five minutes.