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The filling that has been placed is designed to be temporary only. It is intended to be in place approximately four to six weeks, but not much longer. 


The sedative material requires only a few minutes to set but does not harden completely. As much as possible, until the final restoration is place, try to avoid chewing, or biting down hard on the tooth that has been filled.


Eat or drink whatever you like. However, keep any food on the other side of your mouth, away from the temporary filling.


You can expect small pieces to flake off. If all or most the filling comes out call our office. 


If your bite does not feel right (a filling or tooth feels high, a filling or tooth hits before the other teeth hit, the other teeth do not touch, etc.) call our office to arrange to have the bite adjusted (this may require more than one appointment).


It is normal to experience sensitivity to cold, hot, sweet, biting or chewing for the first while following treatment. There may be soreness, even a bit of an ache. If this persists or if you are concerned call our office to have it checked. 


If you feel you require pain medication you may take whatever you ordinarily take for a headache. In no circumstances should you take more medication than indicated in the directions accompanying the medication.