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Your comfort is important to us. All of our treatment areas have comfortable patient chairs, soothing natural light and television screens. If you need anything else (a blanket, neck pillow, etc.) please let our friendly staff know.

Throughout our office you will see or hear about the latest dental techniques and technology as well as the latest in cosmetic procedures. We constantly strive to evaluate new innovations in dentistry and incorporate those we feel can benefit our patients.

Mark Nepon is moving his practice of dentistry starting January 5th,2021 to:

Integral Dental Group

200-1721 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB R3J 0E5
Phone: 204-560-0011

Large parking lot on the side and behind the building. The Entrance to Integral Dental is in the back of the building allowing many parking spots close to the door.



We are happy to welcome new patients to our practice. We are grateful for the referral of your family and friends.



Payment of your account can be made by means of cash, cheque, VISA, Mastercard, or Interac. Dental benefits can be assigned to our office if your plan allows. Details on payment options, dental plan benefits, and pretreatment estimates are posted at the reception desk and available as part of our complete patient information package.



You can be confident that concerns for your health and safety in our office have been addressed. The recommendations of the Canadian Dental Association, the Atlanta Center for Disease Control and other scientific organizations are reviewed frequently to ensure that our infection control protocol is as effective as possible. All instruments used are heat sterilized after use or discarded. Our sterilization system is subject to regular biologic monitoring. Working surfaces in contact with instruments during treatment are protected by disposable covers. Counter tops, operatory furniture, etc. are disinfected after each patient. 


We welcome questions and discussion on this issue. If you would like to see some of the equipment you may have heard about, or want to see our procedures in action, please, let us know.



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