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What If Nitrous Oxide is not enough?


For the severely anxious patient sometimes nitrous oxide is not enough. These people for whatever reason just can’t tolerate sitting in a dental chair even with nitrous oxide. Perhaps the work required or length of time required is just too extensive. 


Conscious Sedation


This technique employs the use of a strong oral sedative in conjunction with nitrous oxide to control the deepness of sedation. “Sleep Dentistry” is the term commonly given to this technique (many patients actually doze off while the work is being performed, but can be awakened easily.) This works on even the most apprehensive patients. This enables all patients to undergo any form of dental treatment for an extended length of time.


If this is the technique you choose.


1.Do not eat or drink after midnight the night before treatment

2.Arrive at the office 7:45 the morning of the appointment unless other arrangements are made.

3.Be sure to arrange to be picked up and accompanied from the office by a responsible adult at 11:45 that day unless other arrangements are made.

4.You will be quite groggy for most of the day. Most patients will usually sleep for the better part of the day.


Sedation dentistry allows you to be sedated just enough to be pain free and unaware of the treatment, as if you were relaxing. That is why it is normally referred to as conscious sedation dentistry. So if you have sensitive teeth, a fear of dentists, have a bad gag reflex, hate needles, or have limited time to spend on dental care at the dentist, Sedation during dentistry procedures can help you. 


Whatever the case may be sedation by your dentists can help you be more anxiety free during your dentistry treatment. Your dentist's ultimate goal is to make your visit to the dentist a relaxing and enjoyable one. Since you are completely comfortable, relaxed, and pain free your sedation dentist can do years of dental treatments in one or two dental visits.


With sedation your dentist can restore sore gums to good dental health, fix a chipped tooth, replace crowns or dentures, whiten yellow or stained teeth, and more. All pain free.