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Most dental disease is preventable. Prevention is not, however, a one time treatment but an ongoing lifetime of home and professional care. The recall appointments necessary to prevent dental problems usually include an examination, radiographs (if indicated), removal of any calculus (hard deposits on the teeth), and possibly a polishing and fluoride treatment.

Many of us call these recall appointments "the six month check up" but there are people who need to be seen more often than every six months, others may need to be seen less often. The dental health basis for the timing of your recall appointments is typically your gum disease status, how well you brush and floss your teeth each day, and how rapidly calculus (hard deposits) accumulates on your teeth. The need to monitor existing fillings, your susceptibility to decay and a few other conditions may also influence your individual recall schedule.

It can be tempting to go longer than recommended between appointments due to budgetary, dental insurance and other non-health related considerations, or simply because "nothing hurts". Unfortunately the damage caused by avoiding appropriate prevention may not be obvious for years until extensive, expensive, less desirable treatment becomes unavoidable.

The proper timing of your recall schedule should be determined with consideration for your own individual circumstances. At your convenience, let’s meet and discuss the recall timing that will best maintain your lifelong dental health.