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Denture treatment does not end when you take the dentures home. This is the beginning of the most important and challenging phase of treatment. In some cases the dentures will be fine right away but there are some individuals who will find they are unable to tolerate wearing dentures altogether. Realistically, most patients will fall somewhere between these two extremes. It may take a long time before you are completely comfortable with your new dentures and they may require quite a lot of adjusting to make them function just right. Expect to have challenges and be prepared to persevere. You are then most likely to wear your dentures successfully.


New complete or partial dentures can take months and months and months to get used to.


There may be the need for frequent, even daily, adjustments to the dentures over a very long period of time. In order to spend the necessary time, denture adjustments can not be done on a walk-in basis. If your dentures require adjustment please phone and arrange an appointment.


Eating and speaking may be different and difficult at first. It may never be one hundred percent.


Going without or using previous dentures, for what ever reason, must be avoided. It will prevent you from getting used to the new dentures.


The new dentures are fit to the shape your mouth has now. Over time the shape of your mouth will change and the dentures will need to be relined.


The fee for your dentures will apply regardless of the level of success achieved. The fee includes necessary adjustments for ninety days following delivery of the dentures. It does not include relines and repairs.