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What is commonly called a cleaning is actually two separate treatments. 


1)Scaling. Scaling is removal of hard build-up (called calculus or tarter) accumulated on the teeth both above and below the gum line. Removal of this build-up and smoothing the underling tooth root surface (called root planing)is necessary to eliminate gum disease. Scaling can be done with specially designed hand instruments or with ultrasonic, or subsonic, vibrating instruments.


2)Polishing. Polishing is the removal of stains on the teeth. It should be done after the scaling is completed. Polishing the teeth without first removing the hard build-up may leave the teeth looking better but unhealthy and at risk for eventually being lost to gum disease. Polishing can be done either with a soft, rotating rubber cup and a polishing paste or with a gentle water and sodium bicarbonate spray.


To fully benefit from the health and appearance a dental cleaning can provide, proper cleaning of the teeth at home is essential. For most people this will mean a minimum of twice a day flossing and brushing. 


At your convenience, please call and arrange to have your teeth professionally cleaned.